unnerve (yellow)

abstract, art, artwork, composition, contemporary art, nerve, nerve-unnerve, painting, paintings, paper, watercolours

Unnerve (Yellow), watercolours, 2012.
Laura Barbuto

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By Laura Barbuto.

5 thoughts on “unnerve (yellow)”

    • I like your work, do you want to trade or sell? I would like to trade, it’s ethical and different…we are art and these little connections add life. Let me know.

      • I am very glad you like my paintings. Thanks! I prefer to sell work rather than trade it. I agree that trading is a good way to share art, but we all have to make a living!

  1. settleandchase says:

    There’s something almost like looking through a microscope in these, like some kind of thin skin or membrane..possibly a chrysalis to the left..love it.

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