Wired, detail, Laura Barbuto.

I’m Laura Barbuto.  Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Worked as foreign correspondent. Lived in London, Stockholm, Rome, Berlin and now Brussels. On the way I decided that art was my real thing.

My work is about tension and conflict as individuals and in society. My studies and experience as a journalist make me constantly aware of the world and struggle. What connects us? What separates us? Are these perceptions real? The tension is a wire that enervates in a positive and negative way at the same time.

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All the paintings in this blog belong to me unless stated otherwise. All rights reserved.



  1. Nice to meet you Laura! Thanks for stopping by my blog, always nice to find other artists! I think it’s great you’ve decided art was your real thing, in my eyes it’s very brave.

  2. I dont often see abstract renderings of nerves / very beautifully done
    my mother studied and painted nerve endings and pathways through the eyes of the electron microscope

    best in your excursion in art

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog — and fun to discover that we not only share a love of art but experience in Rome. Of course, those two things just might be related… keep your paintbrushes moving! Lee

  4. Funny–On the way I decided that poetry was my real thing!
    Love your work. Wonderful combination of gesture and deliberation. I’d like to think that I can feel the mindfulness in your brush. Very striking.

    A pleasure to meet you–
    Johnny Crabcakes

  5. Hey I just wanted to mention that the “wired” and ” nasty little creatures” images remind me of Miro , but for me, I like your work better than his. take care!

  6. What a great site to come across! I love the fluidity of your paintings Laura. Thanks for taking the time to look at and follow my own art blog – if it gets to be half as stunning as yours, I’ll be very proud!

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