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The Uncluttered Mind 7

The Uncluttered Mind 6

The Uncluttered Mind 5

The Uncluttered Mind 4

The Uncluttered Mind 3

The Uncluttered Mind 2


The Uncluttered Mind

Everything falls there, it builds up in piles and becomes invisible.

The Machine 4

The Machine 3

The Machine 2

The Machine

  The Machine moves inside and around us. Its presence is unavoidable.  

Barb 5

Barb 4


Barb 3

Barb 2


Open Season (That One)

Open Season (Morning)

Open Season (Blotch)

Open Season (This is Really Happening)

Open Season (My oh My)

Open Season

The prey is among us. The predator is among us. Open Season, watercolour on paper, 42 x 30 cm, Laura Barbuto, 2016.

Strange Fruits 4

Strange Fruits 3

Strange Fruits 2


Strange Fruits

So different. The same.

We don´t know yet (Spider)


We don´t know yet (Vasto y Vacío)


we don´t know yet (Glückskind)

we don´t know yet

du bist niemand

Verde 5 (el baile)

Verde 4 (yendo)

Verde 3 (solitario)

Verde 2


Nasty Little Creatures 5

Nasty Little Creatures 4

Nasty Little Creatures 3

Nasty Little Creatures 2

Nasty Little Creatures

wired 12

wired 11

wired 10

wired 9

wired 8

wired 7

wired 6

wired 5


wired 4