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The Machine

  The Machine moves inside and around us. Its presence is unavoidable.  

Barb 3

Open Season (Blotch)

Open Season (This is Really Happening)

Open Season

The prey is among us. The predator is among us. Open Season, watercolour on paper, 42 x 30 cm, Laura Barbuto, 2016.

Strange Fruits 4

Strange Fruits 3

Strange Fruits 2


Strange Fruits

So different. The same.

We don´t know yet (Die Skepsis)

We don´t know yet (Spider)


We don´t know yet (Vasto y Vacío)


We don´t know yet (Das Geld liegt auf der Strasse)

we don´t know yet (Glückskind)

we don´t know yet

du bist niemand (aufgeteilt)

du bist niemand

Verde 5 (el baile)

Verde 4 (yendo)

Verde 3 (solitario)

Verde 2


Nasty Little Creatures 5

Nasty Little Creatures 4

Nasty Little Creatures 3

Nasty Little Creatures 2

Nasty Little Creatures

wired 12

wired 11

wired 10

wired 9

wired 8

wired 7

wired 6

wired 5


wired 4

wired 3

un- wired

wired 2


Tension and conflict melting into lines and colours.

endless senseless 6

endless senseless 5

endless senseless 4

endless senseless 3

endless senseless 2

endless senseless


sketchbook (buenos aires) – enredado


sketchbook (buenos aires) – una cosa trae la otra

sketchbook (buenos aires) – nudos

sketchbook (buenos aires) – en un hilo